Avi Peleg

Biography Avi Peleg

26 years’ service in the Israeli Navy 

10 years in the submarine fleet: T- Class (Dolphin and Leviathan), as chief -engineer, and sonar- officer. 

Participated as Technical officer in the construction, and testing of the “GAL”- class submarine (in the UK), including sea trial and sailing to Israel. 

Chief Technical Officer in the design and construction of the Dolphin-class submarines in Germany. 

Set up the Sonar Suite program at Krupp-Atlas (Bremen-Germany). 

Technical engineer officer, at various branches of the H.Q Tech, and service in the Naval Technical intelligence center (research& evaluation of enemy H.W and weapons systems). 

After years of service in the IDF, leaving to the Hi -Tech industry (broad-band communication systems, UAS data-links, satellite communication and pilots search and rescue systems).